hey listen

No seriously, Fortress Forever is launching on Steam March 27th, next Friday.

And I’m gonna be porting FF from the 2006 Source SDK to the 2013 Source SDK, so it’ll finally be on the latest codebase and be more readier for future updates, but more importantly so it’ll run on Mac and Linux instead of being a PC-only game. That’ll be wild. What’ll be even more wild is if we go more multiplatform than that in the future, oohhhh ahhhhh.

Getting FF on Steam has taken a while, but it’s pretty cool that it’s finally happening. Speaking of Steam, feel free to help get Rescue Love Revenge greenlit, if you don’t mind helping the Trepid conquest. FF, RLR, plus VNV means I’ll have helped launch and develop 3 different games on Steamreal soon, which is pretty exciting considering I don’t have anything gamedev-related on there at the moment.

Also, soundcloud is pretty interesting. I think I wanna use its api somehow for something in somewheres, what

(I recommend listening to that while reading every post on the home page like I just did, literally started from the bottom now I’m here making a post)

If you haven’t checked this out yet, you should, because the internet.