Ok, who brought the dog?

It may have been quiet around these parts, but a lot of stuff has happened since the last post here back in September 2008 (which now says today because I updated the veoh embed code…wait whaaaat, I should fix that date I guess).

There’s too much to even try to explain in briefly, but at least one thing is that I finally started paying more attention to my youtube channel. I mean, I’ve always put random stuff up there and I don’t know if y’all know this haha…but youtube is a lot different from when I first registered and posted an Opie & Anthony back video in December 2006. They used to disallow certain videos if they had third party songs and whatnot, which Jesse and I used a lot of back in the day. Now my youtube channel is much more up-to-date by current youtube standards, like uh…I can now upload really long videos and apparently post anything with third party stuff as long as it’s acknowledged, it seems. All the restrictions seem less lame nowadays. It really did suck when they went away from an awesome open video sharing site.

Another thing I’ll mention is how we used to have more stuff on Trepid.net and then we wiped it and started over and wiped it and started over and so forth, and we never “finished” adding the old stuff to the new site when we redid everything. Honestly, we just never went as far as we could have with Trepid. For example, when we interviewed Gabe Newell like a decade ago and he was talking about virtual reality and simulating moss before HL2 came out…in hindsight that was some inception stuff right there, but the interview’s gone from here on trepid.net. I don’t even know where it is at this point, maybe in some old folder somewhere, but you basically have to google it to find it:



So yeah, there’s a lot of stuff going on , so get your popcorn ready?

Anyways, for now just check out my youtube channel to see some of the gamedev stuff I’ve been up to as well as other junk.

Basically, I couldn’t login here and just didn’t care enough to try to fix it (for a few years now), so I never even announced a lot of new stuff…like Rich PineHatchlightRescue Love Revenge, and so much more.