Axl’s TFC

One of the greatest gaming experiences of all time: Axl’s TFC Server.

It’s been gone for a while, and so was the site up until recently. I went to the site just now, saw the list of maps, and got my hopes up that the server had finally returned. Unfortunately, it appears to just be a place where people can download Axl’s maps. Well, that’s not unfortunate. That’s a good thing, especially compared to what the site’s been for such a long time.

It was a place where mappers were pretty much guaranteed to have their odd, different, quirky, fun, unique, and/or whatever other kind of map they made be thoroughly playtested, enjoyed, discussed, and appreciated.

Jesse and I were regulars. Well really, we were regulars at 2 different times. We were regulars way back in the early days, but then we took a pretty long break without realizing it. I think we took the break while we had our TrepiKal server going, which was actually a lot like Axl’s server. And I think pretty much once we ended TrepiKal, we eventually went back to being regulars at Axl’s.

Seriously, trying to sabotage the vote map by killing the voters as they were trying to break the glass in order to vote…that alone could maybe explain a little bit of why Axl’s TFC Server was so awesome. The community was great, the maps were phenomenally fun, and the whole experience was something so amazing that it kind of feels like I don’t know how to explain it.

By the way, Fortress Forever was released two Thursdays ago, September 13th. Oh and also, Team Fortress 2 came out last Monday, September 17th. The gameplay differences between both games are quite abundant. TF2 definitely takes a lot more liberties with the classic Team Fortress stuff, while FF stays mostly true to its origins that it’s almost entirely based on. As long as FF can release good patches as often as possible, I imagine it can build up a pretty decent player base.

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