You dyslexic nothing.

So we finally got an apartment, and we think it’s a pretty kick ass apartment.

I think any apartment for me was gonna rule ass because I’ve been living in different dorms over the last few years, and so just having the option of going into a different room feels like a special event.

We’re movin’ into 1252 square feet of goodness, and it’s got nine foot ceilings. At first, we weren’t gonna get it, but then they told us about the nine foot ceilings, and that was all we needed to hear.

It’s all brand-new, too. We’re the first people to live in this apartment, and everything is completely new. So, we ain’t have to wonder how many dead bodies were stuffed in the fridge, or how many people took a dump in the oven. Oh yeah, and the apartment comes with a full-size washer and dryer, so, that’s awesome because I hate laundry mats.

Our new apartment is only about seven miles away from the Gaylord resort, but I bet we still never goto the CPL, ahhhh hah.