Wait, what happened?

“You don’t know what a DD is? He doesn’t know what a DD is.”

So this is the start of the new site. More basic is more gooder. Lettin’ people get straight to the content is what it’s all about.

So what’s goin’ on with Trepid?

Well, Jesse and I are still on the Fortress Forever team. We hope it gets done enough this summer to where we can release it (or at least start the real beta testing) by the end of the summer. That’s what Jesse and I (and I think everyone else on the FF team) are hopin’ for. Whether that happens or not…I uh…well, we’ll just see.

Jesse and I also joined the Garry’s Mod team. This is a little different in that our gmod maps probably don’t need to be as complex as our FF maps, so we should be a little more relaxed with our gmod work. We’re gonna be paid for our Garry’s Mod work, too, depending on how much we contribute and how well Garry’s Mod sells. So that should be pretty cool. Aside from just making gmod maps, we also want to make a few gmod gamemodes since the lua scripting in Garry’s Mod is amazing. You can pretty much do anything you can think of with the gmod lua scripting. You could make just about any kind of Team Fortress Classic map you could think of due to its flexible entity system, which is why we really enjoyed TFC mapping and one of the main reasons we joined the FF team. The lua scripting in Fortress Forever is cool, but will it end up being insanely flexible and awesome like the lua scripting in Garry’s Mod? Find out tonight at 11. Wait, what? Jesse and I want FF’s scripting to be really flexible and powerful, but apparently that’s just not our decision to make. Again though…well, we’ll just see.

How about just a quick summary of what’s been happenin’ and is going to happen instead of me typing up a huge novel of a post…

I’ve still been bummin’ it, Jesse’s on his summer break before he starts his senior year at UNT, the move to Dallas happens soon, Trepid’s global domination begins soon after the move, my sister Stephanie is getting married at the end of August, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria, and that’s a capitilla?

Oh, and um