hey listen

No seriously, Fortress Forever is launching on Steam March 27th, next Friday.

And I’m gonna be porting FF from the 2006 Source SDK to the 2013 Source SDK, so it’ll finally be on the latest codebase and be more readier for future updates, but more importantly so it’ll run on Mac and Linux instead of being a PC-only game. That’ll be wild. What’ll be even more wild is if we go more multiplatform than that in the future, oohhhh ahhhhh.

Getting FF on Steam has taken a while, but it’s pretty cool that it’s finally happening. Speaking of Steam, feel free to help get Rescue Love Revenge greenlit, if you don’t mind helping the Trepid conquest. FF, RLR, plus VNV means I’ll have helped launch and develop 3 different games on Steamreal soon, which is pretty exciting considering I don’t have anything gamedev-related on there at the moment.

Also, soundcloud is pretty interesting. I think I wanna use its api somehow for something in somewheres, what

(I recommend listening to that while reading every post on the home page like I just did, literally started from the bottom now I’m here making a post)

If you haven’t checked this out yet, you should, because the internet.

Ok, who brought the dog?

It may have been quiet around these parts, but a lot of stuff has happened since the last post here back in September 2008 (which now says today because I updated the veoh embed code…wait whaaaat, I should fix that date I guess).

There’s too much to even try to explain in briefly, but at least one thing is that I finally started paying more attention to my youtube channel. I mean, I’ve always put random stuff up there and I don’t know if y’all know this haha…but youtube is a lot different from when I first registered and posted an Opie & Anthony back video in December 2006. They used to disallow certain videos if they had third party songs and whatnot, which Jesse and I used a lot of back in the day. Now my youtube channel is much more up-to-date by current youtube standards, like uh…I can now upload really long videos and apparently post anything with third party stuff as long as it’s acknowledged, it seems. All the restrictions seem less lame nowadays. It really did suck when they went away from an awesome open video sharing site.

Another thing I’ll mention is how we used to have more stuff on Trepid.net and then we wiped it and started over and wiped it and started over and so forth, and we never “finished” adding the old stuff to the new site when we redid everything. Honestly, we just never went as far as we could have with Trepid. For example, when we interviewed Gabe Newell like a decade ago and he was talking about virtual reality and simulating moss before HL2 came out…in hindsight that was some inception stuff right there, but the interview’s gone from here on trepid.net. I don’t even know where it is at this point, maybe in some old folder somewhere, but you basically have to google it to find it:



So yeah, there’s a lot of stuff going on , so get your popcorn ready?

Anyways, for now just check out my youtube channel to see some of the gamedev stuff I’ve been up to as well as other junk.

Basically, I couldn’t login here and just didn’t care enough to try to fix it (for a few years now), so I never even announced a lot of new stuff…like Rich PineHatchlightRescue Love Revenge, and so much more.

Fortress Forever + Orange Box = Week of Nightmares

You’re craz-you’re crazy, man. You’re crazy! I like you…but you’re crazy.

Last week, I started converting FF’s source code to the Orange Box code. It was an insane task, to say the least. First of all, nobody else wanted to do it. I mean, everyone wants FF to use the latest version of Source, but nobody wanted to do this psychotic conversion that Valve has forced on all the old mods. Granted, a mod would have an easy integration if it didn’t modify any base files, using nothing but brand new files specifically created for that particular mod. FF’s not like that, though. Yeah, FF’s code uses a lot of unique files, but we also did a lot of base modifications. Luckily most of those modifications were commented well, and now even more of that is better commented and separated from the base stuff.

1 week, thousands of differing files, and hundreds of compile errors later, FF can now be played with the Orange Box engine. OOOoooOOOhhh!!! There are quite a few bugs to work out, however, so 2.1 won’t be using this code unless we fix all the major bugs within a couple weeks.

After getting past the initial problems of FF crashing immediately upon startup, during map load, and lots of other similar spots, I finally got into the game…but I couldn’t pick a team or class, and therefore couldn’t spawn. I could go into thirdperson, though…

Wow, right? That’s so Orange Box.

The first thing I noticed was this…THING…on the left. Said something about “Server” blah blah, like I cared. I later confirmed it’s the chat window. Well, part of it. It’s this little spot/coffin where all the received chat messages go to hang out forever. It’s basically the worst thing imaginable.

Anyways, I couldn’t move or look around in firstperson, but I could look around in thirdperson (as a side note, Valve greatly improved thirdperson mode with a moving camera that has collision, among other cool things). So once I could move the camera around, the next thing I noticed was that awesome Orange Box motion blur effect…

This is called a town. It’s where everyone hates you and makes fun of you.

The problem with picking a team and class had to do with the way the new code handles console commands. FF has a special way of making some console commands, and most of the console commands use this special method (team, class, +gren1, dispenser, cloak, etc…pretty much everything you do in FF that’s directly related to FF). Long story short, I fixed that crap and some other crap dealing with different crap and was then able to look, run, shoot, and do all that other minor stuff FF needs to be considered a game.

WARNING: if you don’t like motion blur, you’ll hate every single one of these screenshots, because I was literally shaking the mouse to make all of them blurry, haha…

In the Orange Box engine, your flashlight casts dynamic shadows off objects.
(including yourself when you’re in thirdperson)

In 2.1, hunted’s dirt hole is a vent (finally).

Blur slideshow, WOOH!

Apparently the flamethrower’s particles aren’t drawing.
Just another reason to revamp FF’s effects using the new particle system.
It will be so nice.

More blurry 2.1 hunted.

Some blurry 2.1 cz2 as well.

I don’t know if redux wants this seen yet, but it’s blurry…so nobody’s really seeing it.

2.1 has swim animations, y’all!

So by having FF use the Orange Box engine, we get motion blur.

The other new things like vgui videos, the new version of Hammer (lighting preview, what?), the new particle system, the material and commentary editors, steam avatars, and so forth…all of them mean nothing in comparison to the greatness that is motion blur.


Oh and for anyone out there who doesn’t know, here are videos of the games that came in the “Orange Box” (i.e. use the Orange Box version of the Source Engine)…

Orange Box – Commercial

Portal – Trailer

Team Fortress 2 – Trailer
Team Fortress 2 – Meet the Heavy
Team Fortress 2 – Meet the Soldier
Team Fortress 2 – Meet the Engineer
Team Fortress 2 – Meet the Demoman
Team Fortress 2 – Meet the Scout
Team Fortress 2 – Meet the Sniper

Axl’s TFC

One of the greatest gaming experiences of all time: Axl’s TFC Server.

It’s been gone for a while, and so was the site up until recently. I went to the site just now, saw the list of maps, and got my hopes up that the server had finally returned. Unfortunately, it appears to just be a place where people can download Axl’s maps. Well, that’s not unfortunate. That’s a good thing, especially compared to what the site’s been for such a long time.

It was a place where mappers were pretty much guaranteed to have their odd, different, quirky, fun, unique, and/or whatever other kind of map they made be thoroughly playtested, enjoyed, discussed, and appreciated.

Jesse and I were regulars. Well really, we were regulars at 2 different times. We were regulars way back in the early days, but then we took a pretty long break without realizing it. I think we took the break while we had our TrepiKal server going, which was actually a lot like Axl’s server. And I think pretty much once we ended TrepiKal, we eventually went back to being regulars at Axl’s.

Seriously, trying to sabotage the vote map by killing the voters as they were trying to break the glass in order to vote…that alone could maybe explain a little bit of why Axl’s TFC Server was so awesome. The community was great, the maps were phenomenally fun, and the whole experience was something so amazing that it kind of feels like I don’t know how to explain it.

By the way, Fortress Forever was released two Thursdays ago, September 13th. Oh and also, Team Fortress 2 came out last Monday, September 17th. The gameplay differences between both games are quite abundant. TF2 definitely takes a lot more liberties with the classic Team Fortress stuff, while FF stays mostly true to its origins that it’s almost entirely based on. As long as FF can release good patches as often as possible, I imagine it can build up a pretty decent player base.

Wait, is that a


Back at Full Sail, we made this 2D game called The Adventures of Joe Stick. You’ll never guess what it was about: a crazy stick man…named Joe Stick. WACKA WACKA! So funny, right? Ugh…

It was like a stick Castlevania, but with better graphics. No lies, it had far superior graphics.

It was supposed to have an ending with this big reveal where you were really just hallucinating at a daycare or something like that, so you basically just massacred women and children. That phenomenal ending didn’t get to happen, because we failed.

At least Joe Stick looked pretty cool…